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Phase 2:
Circulatin Earth
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The telemetry data is updated every 24 hours.
Landing in:
After it disengages, the spacecraft will begin circling Earth in elliptical orbits. Upon receipt of a command from the control room, it will ignite its engines for several seconds to accelerate and enter a higher orbit. It will continue increasing the altitude of its orbits until it reaches an altitude of approximately 384,000 km.
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Mission Background:
Once launched, the spacecraft will travel in a long and complex flight path. Its journey from its launch to its landing on the moon will last two months. The encounter of the spacecraft with the moon requires very careful and precise planning of its flight trajectory and of the timing of its launch. When planning a flight path, several complex parameters are taken into account: The different gravitational forces, the effects of the solar wind and of the outer layers of Earth’s atmosphere, Earth’s elliptical orbit in the ecliptic plane in relation to the moon’s orbit around Earth, which is on a plane that is at an inclination of several degrees to the ecliptic plane.